Monday, February 10, 2020

A Housewife's Needs

Try to be up before dawn.
Throw in a load of laundry.
Start the Coffee Pot. 
 Make it extra strong because you are tired already.
Begin your "quiet time" with the Lord.
 5 minutes into praying you hear a child stirring and ready to start their day.
Start breakfast.  
Realize the bread is moldy and there is no milk for cereal. 
 Opt for leftovers of some sort instead. 
 Who needs eggs, right?
Calm down the early riser that has too much early morning energy while trying to wake the other child that feels it's waaayyy too early.
Assign chores. 
 Teach, for the umpteenth time how to make a bed and that 20 stuffed animals are too many to be on top of a pillow.
Start School. 
 Realize homework from the day before wasn't done, so quickly help the "forgetful again student" finish the remaining division problems so today's work can be done.
Reheat coffee.
Look at the clock.  9am.  
Debate whether you have the energy to continue or should you just go back to bed.

The morning of a housewife.  Now, it's definitely not always like this.  There are days where I am much better prepared and ready to face the day. And I am sooo very thankful for the life I get to live at home taking care of my children and my home.  It's the best!!  But, sometimes, all these things seem to come at once and "housewifing" can be tiring!

This is why I loved reading the story behind why the hymn, "I Need Thee Every Hour" was written.

 It was 1872, and surely being a housewife in that era was much different for Annie Hawks.  Yet, I know her days, just like mine, could be unpredictable caring for her home, husband and flock of children.

One day, as a 37 year old Wife and Momma, she was busy completing her normal routine of caring for her home.  It was during that time that she felt a closeness of the Lord and began wondering how anyone could live without the Lord.  Ever felt that way?  I know I have.  During the day to day trials of life I often asked myself, "How does anyone go through this life without having the Lord by their side?"  He really is my very best friend, my comforter and my strength!!

 As she thought on having the Lord close by her side and her need for Him, she penned the words to the song, "I Need Thee Every Hour."  The hymn soon became popular in New York and then around the world.

16 years later  Annie went through a very difficult time when her husband died.  She said that her husband's death "cast a shadow of great loss over my life."  It was during this time that the words to the hymn were born afresh in her heart.  She understood once again the comforting power of having the Lord by her side.

What a blessing this was to me!  I, like Annie Hawks, need the Lord.  Every day that each of us has is different and holds new challenges.  Every moment I need the Lord to guide my path in each decision I make.

Lord, I need thee every hour!

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  1. Dear Kami, this post really spoke to me as I often tell others that I could not deal with what I deal with, without the Lord in my life. He really helps me through each and every day. God bless you. xx