Friday, August 14, 2020

$50,000 in a box!


Look what came in the mail!!  We are so excited to see things moving forward at Victory Springs Independent Baptist Church!  When the pandemic first hit we didn't know what to expect.  We'd never been through this before!  We looked at the church finances and were ready to take a pay cut if need be.  But, that was not to be so.  The wonderful people of VSIBC have been so faithful in their giving!  We were even given a raise!  They are so good to us!  Things have been moving forward in the building process as well.  Now that we have architectural plans ready to go, my hubby has been praying and looking for a General Contractor.  We hope to break ground very soon!  So exciting!


  1. Very exciting indeed. Our Heavenly Father is so good. He is taking great care of everything he has started through you there at VSIBC God bless you as you continue with the project/s.

  2. So exciting to see how God is leading your family and your church. We love you all.