Thursday, August 20, 2020

An Adventure with my boy

When you have 6 kiddos, you don't always make time for the much needed one-on-one time that should happen.  Sadly, it's easy to let a busy schedule, with normal daily activities take up your day to day moments.  Then, as the week goes on we play catch up trying to accomplish all we should.   If we are not careful, we can bypass looking straight into the eyes of our little ones.  We can get caught up in the to-dos and not make time to just listen to the blessings God has given to us.  That has happened with my Silas lately.  It's been evident that he has needed some time with just his Momma.  I'm so thankful that we made that happen!

Not too long ago, someone gave us 2 kayaks.  So, we had Patrick drop us off at a boat ramp on the Santa Fe river with instructions to meet us down river in a couple of hours.  I taught my boy to Kayak and he was a natural!  He did so good!  While we paddled we talked about anything and everything: the upcoming school year and entering 6th grade, plans for expanding our goat herd, God's beautiful creation...we talked about it all!

While we kayaked we saw birds, turtles, otters, a snake and probably an alligator.  We had an adventure, made memories and are ready to do this again soon!



  1. Thank you for this reminder, Kami. I think I need to go on a bike ride with Seth soon!