Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Sandy Creek Stirrings

I'm so excited for our Joshua and the new adventure that he is on!  Several months ago God began dealing in his heart about a doing a solid, Biblical podcast.  After much prayer and work, he launched Sandy Creek Stirrings yesterday.  I am so excited about this for him and see such a need for it!  Here's a glimpse of what he says on the about page:

Have you ever stood in the midst of conversation, unsure of how to answer a question that a Christian should know how to answer? Have you ever wondered why there are so many religious denominations? And how do we really know which one is true? Can we really prove it? What about all the objections to Christianity? CAN TRUTH EVEN BE KNOWN?

If you have ever asked yourself or pondered these questions, then you have come to the right place. The goal of Sandy Creek Stirrings is to “stir up” Christians to impact this world for the cause of Christ through practicality, reality, and sincerity.

I know you will be blessed by this!  He will release new episodes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

 Tuesdays will be for Apologetics.....why we believe what we believe

Thursdays will be Baptist History

And Fridays will be miscellaneous topics that range from personal to spiritual.  

To find the podcast you can go here.

What a need we have for this in our podcast loving culture!  So timely and so good!  

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