Monday, November 16, 2020

Eating with Covid

I know I've said it many times before, but our church family is amazing!  They have been so good to us over the past couple weeks.  When they heard we were sick, they started making sweet deliveries to our front porch.  There were flowers and goodies.  There were texts and phone calls and cards....they really are so good to us!

One of my favorite restaurants is a place about 30 minutes from here called Aikens.  Everything I've ever ordered has been amazing.  But, my favorite thing is their hush puppies with ranch.  Oh my goodness it's amazing!  A sweet family dropped off a huge order of their hush puppies with lots of ranch. It was so sweet!

The snickerdoodles were sooo yummy and they were filled with chocolate.  Soo good!

We had fried chicken, ice cream, and candy with notes.  So thoughtful!

More home baked goodies!  There was wedding cookies and peanut butter cookies!

We had a 23 pound butterball turkey, too.  I was worried about not being able to get to the store in time for a big turkey.  Now I have a great one! Just in time!!

Homemade lasagna was also made for us.  So delicious!

Honeybuns, croissants, and Aresano bread...I think it's my new favorite!

Fresh corn and it was so sweet! And trash bags.  Needed those!

 Milk, bread, chocolate syrup and lots of needed essentials.

We are so blessed and healing up!  

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  1. Your church family is so good to you all. That's wonderful. xx