Thursday, November 19, 2020

What we did during Covid

I praise the Lord that our battle with Covid was pretty mild.  Brenna and I had it the worst with sore throat, coughing, losing taste and smell and lots of body aches.  Oh, and I did I mention fatigue?  We were exhausted!!  The first few days we slept off and on all day.  The couch was our friend.  And we rested as much as we could.  After that first week we were still pretty weak.  We would do something small and then get so tired.  So, we had to pace ourselves.  We were bored of being bored, but didn't feel like doing a thing.  It was a strange feeling.  But, by the second week we were ready to do a little more, then a little more.  A few others in our family had some body aches and sore throats, but they weren't too bad.

We played a couple of board games.  Not as much as we normally do.  Our brains weren't ready for that much!  Haha! But, we did play a few.

We read a ton!

Patrick and Silas escaped into the woods by our house.  Silas was able to get his first buck!  Yay for him!

A couple of times I got a small burst of energy and did some cutting out of my next project.  Wish I would've felt like sewing, but didn't quite make it there.

Sick or not, Patrick and Josh were faithful to keep livestream going during church days.  We kept it at home to be sure and quarantine. These guys are amazing!  What people didn't see on the other side of the camera was the rest of us in our jammies with cuddly blankets on the couch while they preached.  They did a great job!

Brenna was able to fit in a quick violin lesson to Callie.  My sister, Taylin, gave Callie her violin and Callie is so excited!  She hopes to be able to play in church one day soon!

Micah was able to have his turn in the woods, too!

Then, about a week and half in, my taste started to return slightly.  I sat down to dinner and looked at my plate and almost cried.  It looked like a feast fit for a queen that was hungry and I was so excited!

We were starting to feel some cabin fever and decided to drive and check on a deer stand at a friend's property.  It was nice to get out, it had been 12 days since I had left the property (other than to get tested)

I brought along my soft, snuggly blanket and a nice hot tea for the journey.  Well, it felt like a journey.

Callie even spotted a bald eagle!  That just made our day!

 It's been a long two weeks, but praise the Lord we are on the other side of this thing and feeling just about completely back to normal!  Thank you for those that have prayed for us!


  1. I'm thankful to God that your symptoms were mild and that you are all starting to feel much better.

  2. So glad you are better! We sure were praying for you all. I loved the part about church in your home. :) Isn't technology amazing?