Monday, February 1, 2021

3 kiddies!

Well, it happened again...I missed the birth of three little kids.  Patrick and I had some appointments in Gainesville.  When we came home, we saw everyone standing by Trixie's pen, motioning for us to hurry.  Trixie had just had her 3 babies!

They were very wet and very cold.  I think they were born pretty close together.  Trixie was doing her best to get them all cleaned up.  2 of them were doing lots of gurgling, so we got a towel and helped dry them off and get them fully awake. 

The red one, which happens to be the male, just seemed to struggle.  He did so much gurgling and was shivering.  We decided to bring him in to get him fully dry.  We set him by the fire and he dozed for a while.  We were concerned he wouldn't make it.  I ran outside and milked Trixie into a dropper and gave him a little milk to see if that would perk him up. 

After about an hour he was up and around! And full of noise!

Since it was to be in the 30s that night we brought each of them in, one by one to fully dry. We also put cute little homemade sweaters on them for the night. 

We put a heating lamp in Trixie's pen with lots of fresh hay.  I do have to admit, I worried some through the night wondering how they would do.

They were great the next morning!  So we have Copper, Flopsy (she's all white on her back) and Mopsy.  They are adorable and getting lots of attention from us!