Wednesday, February 17, 2021

"I love you" Banquet 2021

It was that time of year again.  Time for our family to have our annual "I love you" Banquet.  We all love this time!!
About a month beforehand we draw names and try our best to keep it a secret.  Then, each person must make something for the person they have drawn.  No money is to be spent (except on an ingredient or two.)  The point is to create something with that person specifically in mind.  

We always start off the night with a yummy, pretty meal.  We all dress up and put on music and light candles.  So fancy and so fun!

This year we decided to have steak kabobs, shrimp cocktail, smashed potatoes and roasted brussell sprouts. 

Then, it was time to exchange gifts.  We were going to do oldest to youngest, but decided to let Liberty go first.  She was about to burst wanting to give her gift.  She was so excited about what she made!  Liberty had Silas and she drew him a picture and created him an under the sea pudding.  It was topped with Silas's favorite candy, Sour Octopus Gummies.  He loved it!!

Patrick had Tabitha's name.  He gave her a letter that made ALL of us cry.  He wrote about how proud he is of her and how special she is to each of us.  Having a daughter in law really is amazing!

He also made her some avocado inspired clay earrings.  They turned out soooo adorable and I can't believe I didn't get a picture of them! (Maybe I'll have a taco night and ask Tabitha to wear them!)

I had Callie's name and I also made her some clay earrings that are in the shape of a heart.  I also gave her an invitation to a tea party picnic, just her and I.

Josh had Micah's name and made him a really neat car book.  He found out the favorite cars of my Dad, Patrick and Todd and put them in there with lots of interesting facts.  He also printed out step by step instructions on how to draw the cars.  Micah loves it!!

Beth created a gorgeous necklace for Beth.  She used a new twisting wire technique and strung each bead.  It's beautiful!

Tabitha had Liberty's name and made a book  to learn shapes, letters, colors and all sort of things.  She put it in plastic pages so that Liberty can practice, then wipe it off and try again.  So creative!

Then we noticed Freedom feeling a little left out.  She didn't exchange names because she's still little.  So we hurried and put some chocolate in a bag for her.  She was thrilled!

Brenna created "Big J Chocolates."  She melted chocolate and made some neat flavored candy bars.  One had pretzels, peanuts, caramel and peanut butter.  So good!  She made another with his favorite flavor of jolly ranchers crushed up.  And another with nerds.  I am loving the candy with chocolate flavors lately!

Silas had my name and carved a bear for me.  He is getting so good at his carvings!  I love it!  He even used a wood burner to put the date on the bottom.  That makes a mother's heart happy. :o)

Callie sewed Beth a draw string bag and embroidered pretty x's on it.  How crafty!

Micah made Patrick some bacon salt that can be used to season popcorn, pasta, or anything.  He also made him an apron (that way he won't have to use mine when cutting up a turkey!)  Micah wanted it to say, "My Dad is the spatula in the west."

 What a great evening together.  Sure do love this family of mine!!

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