Monday, February 8, 2021

New Wheels

I mentioned in my last post that Patrick had a trip to make down south and since we were that way we would see my parents.  Yipee!  Well, his reason to go down south is because he found a car for us!  Yay!

It's so amazing how God provides.  I thought I would let his words speak for this post.  This is what he put on facebook:

Words cannot explain the feeling of love that we experience from the people who make up Victory Springs Ind. Baptist Church.
It first began with the men talking about taking care of a need for a vehicle for their pastor. (We spent over $4,600 in repairs last year on our old 2002 Expedition and it still has so many issues.) The men brought a motion to the entire church to purchase a vehicle for their pastor with a portion of our regular operating fund on hand. Yesterday, the most amazing vehicle came to roost at the Gimenez home!
It's a 2013 (11 years newer than our old one) and only has 76,500 miles (190,000 miles less than our old one!) It has so many upgrades and we feel so spoiled...It was used by a large heavy-equipment company as their "taxi" truck to shuttle clients from the airport to the company. It's really like new! Thank you VSIBC!

God's provision is truly amazing.  So thankful!

 In the meantime we are enjoying a fun sunroof, lots of bells and whistles and Micah put it, "I feel so rich!  Not only do we have a washer that sings, we have a fancy car!"  


  1. I'd love to have your car. Can we trade? Mine is a 2013 too with low mileage, lol. I do love your new vehicle. I love the Lord has blessed you.

  2. Congratulations on your car! It looks great. By the way, can Silas read in a moving vehicle? A grocery list in the front seat is all I can handle.

    1. All of my kiddos can read in the car except for Micah, he gets car sick quite easily, poor guy. This trip he brought a model car along while everyone else brought tons of books. He held the car and would glance at it every so often, but for the most part he must look out the window.

  3. Praise the Lord for providing for your family!