Thursday, February 4, 2021

Quick Trip South

2020. Crazy year, right?  Well, lots happened with our family, just like everyone else out there.  My Dad fell the day before Thanksgiving and broke his hip.  Thanksgiving day he had emergency surgery.  Then, there was a hospital stay, then rehab, then throw in all the other 2020 craziness....needless to say, it wasn't possible for my parents to come for their New Years trip this year.  We normally celebrate Christmas with them.  We had been trying to figure out if they would be able to come later, but it just wasn't working out.  When Patrick realized he needed to be in North Port (about an hour from my parents) we decided to go with our three youngest and spend an evening and morning with my parents.  It was super (too) quick, but well worth it to hug them, laugh with them and spend some time together.  A special bonus was that my Mam-maw was there visiting as well.  Yay!!

We enjoyed sitting around talking, and then a yummy BBQ dinner. After that my parents went into their bedroom and came out in their Christmas clothes.  Then they turned on Christmas music.  It was so sweet.  I sure do love them and all the special things they do.  They are awesome parents.  I really do have the best!

So happy to see Mam-maw too!!

But, why oh why, did they get Silas another joke book???

They are such good gift givers.  What a blessing they are!

Micah bought my Mom a set of jacks.  I had been telling him how good she was at it.  So she opened them up and started playing.  Some things never change.  She's still so good at it!

Then, all too quick it was time to say goodbye.  I told Dad that this summer I am coming for a week! Ready or not!! :o)  So glad that my Dad and my Mom are doing so good and things are much better.  Dad still has physical therapy, which is quite painful, but he is doing great.  So thankful!

As usual, they stood outside to wave goodbye.  The comforts of home....I want to never take them for granted.  Love you Mom, Dad and Mam-maw!!

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