Friday, February 12, 2021

Motivating my homeschoolers

I'm always on the lookout for ways to motivate my kiddos in their schoolwork.  We decided to revisit an idea we had with our older 3.  It's called "30 Stars."  Basically, each time someone earns an A on a quiz or a test, we put up a star on a chart.  They all work together and when we reach 30 stars there is a prize.  This time they had 3 prizes to choose from.  They could pick the letter D, the letter F, or the letter I, but they had no idea what each letter stood for.  How fun!

Callie received the most stars on the chart, so it was her turn to choose.  She chose F.  So, here's what we did!  We had fish sticks and fries for dinner.  Then, we went and had ice cream at the Florida Creamery.  So yum!  We finished off the night by playing Foodles.

This is a crazy fun game.  You have a minute to draw what the card says.  When it was my turn to vote for the best, it was hard!  But, we sure had fun and laughed a lot.  So proud of my kiddos!