Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Welcome Eeyore!

Friday afternoon we noticed Kanga acting a little different.  She didn't really want to come out of the goat pen and didn't come for food.  She must be in labor!  Silas and I quickly prepared her stall with fresh hay and water and moved her to the "birthing suite."  :o)  We both agreed that we would pull an all nighter and be there for when Kanga delivered.  We figured we had a long night ahead, so, we went inside.

Moments after, Josh and Tabitha and family came home from running some errands.  I had been asking Liberty to keep an eye on Kanga for me and let me know when her babies are coming.  So, when she got out of the car she ran to the pen to check on Kanga.  And what did she see?  A baby goat!  She took off running her fastest and hollering, "Lollipops!  Lollipops!! The goat is having her baby!!!" 

Well, that went quick!! Kanga delivered an adorable little buckling that we named Eeyore.  He looks just like his Momma!!

We are very impressed with Kanga.  She has been the best mother yet to her little baby.

Life is exciting here on our little farm!


  1. The goat kids are very cute. So glad that Kanga's kid has survived.

  2. Was Roo already taken or do your kids really like Eeyore?

    1. This is funny you asked, because we really contemplated naming him Roo! :o) But, sometimes we call Micah, "Roo" or "Micah Roo" so we decided to let Micah keep his nickname.