Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A full front row

 I started praying several years ago for a certain request.  But to fully explain I must rewind about 40+ years.  My family had just moved to Fort Myers.  My Mom was looking for a church for her and her girls to attend.  She tried several but just didn't find the right fit. Then one day my cousin invited her to Winkler Road Baptist Church.  She went hoping this would be the church she could call home.  She enjoyed it that day.  There were many things about that church that she loved, but do you know the thing that most caught her eye and captured her heart?  The front of the church.  The front rows  held the teenagers.  Their youth group was up front, close to the preaching and ready to hear the Word of God.  My Mom liked that and knew she wanted that for her daughters.   So that became our church home!  

When we started Victory Springs I knew I wanted our teens to sit in the front.  I want them to be hungry to hear the Word of God. I began praying for a front row full of teen boys specifically.  (Although now I've made that prayer even more specific to say, "front row of preacher boys."  But that will come!) 

Not too long ago I had a horrible migraine and it happened to be on a Sunday. I was so disappointed that I couldn't go to church. It started to ease up a little by church time so I was able to turn on our livestream.  And I saw that God is so good and answers prayer.  I counted 11 teenage boys sitting in front at church.  The camera didn't pick up the other side that held 5 teenage girls up front.   That right there is an answer to prayer.

I'm thankful for a great group of young people striving to serve the Lord.  I'm thankful that on Sunday morning there is a quest to make sure they get to the front and reserve their seat.  I'm thankful for a full church with few spots open.  VSIBC is growing!  Praise the Lord!