Saturday, October 22, 2022

Prayers for Dad

( picture taken last week right after his surgery)

 Please, blogging friends, pray for my Dad. He was doing so well after his surgery, but soon after started swelling. He did go home with tubes but has been very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. This afternoon my Mom had to call the ambulance. He is now in the hospital and running a fever. 

Please pray.

 Pray for the doctors to have wisdom.

Pray for the right medicine to be given to him.

Pray for the doctors to communicate well and work in coordination with his doctors in Tampa at the Moffitt Cancer center.

Pray for the infection to leave his body.

Pray for him to have rest and to not be in so much pain.

And pray for my mom as she's trying to be strong for him but I know it's hard on her as well.

I'm blessed to have a good group of friends that I know will be praying. Prayerfully I'll have a wonderful update very soon.


  1. Will pray for your father. A hard time for everyone but especially your mother. Peace and wisdom for all.

  2. Praying also for your dear mom and all the rest of the family.