Sunday, October 16, 2022

A word we didn't want to hear

Our family heard a word that we never wanted to hear.  Cancer.  My Dad's breathing has become more labored as of late.  My concerned Mother made sure my Dad got into the doctor quickly.  After some tests my Dad was told the dreaded words, "You have cancer."  

They quickly got him into Moffet Cancer Center in Tampa.  They are known for being one of the best.  On the day of the surgery Beth and I were able to go and be in the waiting room with my Mom and two of my sisters.  It was hard waiting, that's for sure.  When they called us into a private room to talk with the doctor, it scared us!  There was panic in each of our eyes.  The first thing the doctor said was, "It went very well!"  We were so thankful!!

This picture was after meeting with the doctor.  Can you see the relief in our eyes!?!

Even though the surgery went very well, they did have to remove half of his lung and some lymph nodes. They are still waiting until pathology comes back to determine if he needs chemo.

 This is my Dad the next day.  Doesn't he look great!! I'm so thankful!

Prayers appreciated in the days ahead as my Dad recovers.  I sure do love this man!!


  1. That one dreaded word creates such fear in all of us. I pray your dad gets stronger and stronger each day.

  2. Thankful that it went well and I'm still in prayer for you and your family. Also, you look a lot like your Dad!

  3. I am so sorry to hear about your dad. Praying for you all.