Monday, October 19, 2009

Friday's Family Fun Night

We had a terrific (everytime I spell that I think of the goose on Charlotte's Web...t, double e, double r, double r, double i, double f, double i, double c c c....)time for our Family Fun Night. We had lots of good food, well actually maybe not this time. We tried a pizza from our local grocery store...true Quebecois pizza. We didn't care for it and ended up having Bagels and Cream Cheese to fill us up. Oh well, it was worth a shot. The Triple Layer Brownie Cake was excellent once again. It's so rich we gave half away to our neighbor. He likes sweets, too! (Actually I only have two cake pans, so it was a Double layer :o) We played a game we bought at the thrift store, Deal or No Deal (But without all the scantilly clad women!) They have a way to play with 5 players and it was a lotof fun! Then, the really fun part where I learned some things about my family. Earlier in the week I told everyone to imagine we had to leave this house quickly with no hopes of return (pretty scary, I know) Not counting people and your Bible, what three things would you grab?
Here's everyone's answers:
Patrick (Mr. Practical)-his wallet, computer, and our files...duh! We couldn't even get out of the country without ID and passports!
Josh-his bird, his baby album, and his quilt I made for him
Beth-Macey (her stuffed dog) Maggy (her stuffed horse) her quilt
Brenna-her very first turtle she received in her turtle collection "parade" when she was 4, Sammy (her stuffed dog) her quilt
Me- I picked Josh, Beth, and Brenna's baby albums I've made for them. Silas is still young enough I can try to remember most of the memories and get copies of pics from Mom (or the computer Patrick remembered to bring!) but, JEB's albums would be hard to replace. There's so many memories, notes, and pictures.
Boo Hoo...what a sad subject!
But, it really makes us realize how attatched we are to things. Praise the Lord for the People in my life and the blessings that they bring. They are what is important to me! I'm thankful for all the "things" God has given me, but I'm so thankful for my family, for God's precious Word, and for my Salvation which will never be taken away from me!


  1. is no one going to bring the strawberry shortcake blanket? I am appalled, send it to me NOW!

  2. I know what you mean about spelling Terrific. Now I don't know if I spelled it correctly or not.
    I like all of the three things to grab. For me it would be . . .computer (for the pics), and . . . I guess whatever seemed important at the time. Hope that never happens! Love and miss you all!