Friday, October 2, 2009

Our Trip So Far

We made it on the road this morning about 8am. The kids were so excited. They had 2 bags packed each, one for school and one for fun stuff.We first made a stop at our friend, Estelle's house. She leaves for S. Carolina tomorrow and won't come back until the spring. We sure are going to miss her! She has been so helpful and such a blessing to our family. We gave her a little goody bag with some peanut butter cookies for her trip. She'sstill trying to get Silas to say "mama" but he just smiles and says "dada"

While I was driving and Patrick was snoozing, I saw this sign..It said St. Bathelemy!! Can you believe it. I started saying "Look at this sign! Look at this sign!" I was a little excited...sorry I woke you up, Sweetie!
Then, we crossed into Ontario. This is our first time to be in this province. It was neat to see all the French signs change to English.

Then, we got ready to cross the border and I got out our passports and visas. When we stopped (at the toll booth before the gate guard) Patrick handed the guy the money and he said "Thanks, Man" Patrick looked at me and smiled so big and said, "He said, thanks Man!!!" He was excited to hear that, he's been called Monsieur for 5 months now!

We've had a great time so far! We did our school, listened to a Patch the Pirate tape, read books, sang, talked, and just enjoyed one another's company. I'm going to have Josh post on his blog what he wrote about America. (link is to the right) He had us read it out loud before we crossed the border. It was very good! Thank you to everyone who prayed for us today. Tomorrow we hope to get to our hotel tomorrow by 2, so Silas can have a nap before we meet the Pastor and other missionaries at the restaurant. Happy Friday!

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  1. I am glad to see it went really well on your first day, I am glad you stop by this morning it was really sweet of you to do it, you know the sign you saw St-Barthelemy it may be where the Lord was calling you :)I am sure there is a need for a church their:) I will miss you this winter