Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Boys Enjoying the Season

While the girls played Polly Pockets, Patrick and Josh went outside to play Football together. I figured that Silas and I could use some fresh air, too. So, I put on my boots, coat and scarf, then put on Silas's extra socks, hat and coat (Thanks Mam-maw, I love his coat! Do you know it's reversible?!!). Needless to say, it took a little bit of time...but, I'm not complaining! We're trying to enjoy this weather while we have it. I don't think they get this in the West Indies.
Once we got outside Josh played with Silas in our evergrowing pile of leaves. Silas still doesn't like to touch the leaves.
I love watching my boys play together. Josh can get Silas to smile so easily.

Do you notice Silas's drool? He still has a major drooling problem! Yuck! At least I know he's hydrated!

So, Silas sat in the leaves for 2 minutes, then we all went inside. That wind was cold! I'm still not too sure about this....get all your gear on = 10 minutes. Play outside = 2 minutes. HHHMMM??

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  1. Connie bundled Rush up Saturday and he walked around with David and then let him steer the mower too. It took a while, but they are so cute any time, but especially so when they are all covered but their cute little faces. :)