Wednesday, February 24, 2010

27 Weeks

Today I am 27 weeks and I also had a midwife appointment. I really like my midwife, Monique Pere. She's a very dedicated midwife and has worked sometime up in the Far North with the Inuits. She has lots of experience and is a blessing to me! She works at the Birth Center along with many other midwives. It's a lot like the Birth Center I had Silas at in Naples, only larger. The building is the old parsonage for the Catholic Priest. It's very old, but well maintained and clean. There are many birth rooms set up in a homey atmosphere like a bedroom. I've told her my "birth wishes" and she's willing to follow them. She also can deliver at home, and that is what we've chosen to do. Although, depending if she's on call and if other women are in labor, I may have to deliver at the Birth Center. This pregnancy is the most different from my others by far. I'm definitely feeling bigger and more tired lately. I guess that comes with 7 pregnancies and being in my 30's. Patrick has become a fabulous 2nd mother. He cooks (he's actually cooking now while I'm playing on the computer!) cleans, does laundry, and make sure everything's taken care of. God has blessed me beyond measure. The baby's heartrate and position looked good, and all is well with baby Gimenez. I still have 13 weeks left to go! Whew! But, that's okay, I have many things to do before the baby is born!


  1. you look fantastic! isn't being pregnant exhausting!?!?!? especially when you have other little ones to chase after!