Thursday, February 18, 2010

Our Snowball Fight

Today was the perfect weather for a snowball fight! It was about 33 degrees and a little bit of fresh snow fell last night. The top snow was melting a tad, so it was perfect for some good solid snowballs! The plan was boys against girls, I think the girls won!
Brenna worked on digging a wall of protection for us girls...

...while Elisabeth gathered snow for us to make snow cream later. We can't get enough of that stuff! (actually just me, beth and brenna like it, we mix the snow with milk, sugar, and vanilla...mmmm)

I pounded Josh with snowballs! Can you see the snow flying in front of my face? You're not supposed to aim at the face, right Mom? Please tell Patrick that for me, because there's a good chance I'll have a bruise on my right jaw tomorrow!

Then, I pounced Josh good, threw him in a hole, took his hat off, and scooped (not really throwing!) snow all over his head. What a great feeling!!! "Girls are better than boys are, girls are better than boys!"

1 comment:

  1. Obviously you all don't know the rules of a good FAIR snowball fight. Elisabeth and Brenna did just fine.....way to go girls. Patrick & DO NOT throw snowballs at anyones head. And Kami you definetly DON'T knock someone down, take off their hat and then throw snow all over their head. I think I need to come up there and teach you all how to have a snowball fight. :-)
    Looks like you all were having fun. Wish I was there to join in too.
    Love and miss you