Saturday, February 13, 2010

My "Welcome Home"

When Silas and I came home on Tuesday we had many surprises waiting for us. We had this wonderful poster. Patrick, Joshua, Elisabeth, and Brenna each took a square to decorate for us. It turned out so cute and they are so creative!

I also had some fresh flowers awaiting me and some Valentines gifts. Each of the children bought me 2 gifts and I opened them early! I received some great chocolate, kitchen gadgets, a candle and all sorts of goodies. I sure am spoiled! I am so blessed to have a great hubby take care of things while I was gone. The house was spotless, laundry all done, and groceries for the week bought. It was a great feeling to be able to have a great time in Florida and know things were being taken care of at home....Thanks, Babe!

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  1. I just read a novel by Karen Kingsbury and they referred to the dad as the memory maker. I immediately thought of you & Patrick