Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Carnaval de Quebec

While I was in Florida, Elisabeth called me with exciting news. "There's going to be a Derby at the Carnaval de Quebec on Saturday!" "Can we go? Can we go?" My Bethy loves horses and was so excited when a flyer came in the mail about the Horse Derby. This was the last day of the big Winter Carnival here in Quebec, so we were so glad we could make it! It was cold, and a little windy on Saturday morning, Elisabeth was armed with everything she needed...especially her camera! It was so neat to watch the horses go around the track for the derby. They were fast and the two riders on back looked like they could fall off at any minute.
But, I think Beth's favorite part was when they let the ponies, then the donkey come out and try the course.
We saw the Ice Castle and it was gorgeous! So much ice! There were also lots of snow sculptures that reminded me a lot of the sand sculptures on Fort Myers Beach.

We bundled Silas up really well. He's usually pretty quiet when we go out in the cold. Unfortunately, on this trip, he figured out how to take his gloves off!

But, my favorite part was when we saw signs for "Tire sur neige" My friend Estelle had been telling me about when you pour Maple syrup on snow how it thickens and tastes wonderful. We tried it and I have to agree! It is absolutely delicious! I wish Grandma could have gone with us to try it...she's a big maple fan!

I was a little worried that Elisabeth would have to have a major haircut when we got home....the maple ended up in her hair, but we're thankful it washed out!

Going to the winter carnival was something we have wanted to do since we've moved to Quebec. We've heard so much about it! I'm so glad we were able to experience this, because next carnival we'll be in a place a little warmer! :o)

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