Saturday, January 7, 2012

24 Weeks

Yes, we are 24 weeks. Can you believe how fast time has flown? I feel like we're on fast forward! We had a great time at our "treasure beach" (Grand Fond) and my sweet girlies, Elisabeth and Brenna said if they had to sit through a photo shoot, then I did, too. So, I had my picture taken bunches by them and it was fun!
So, how's the pregnancy going? Great! They say every pregnancy and baby is different....well, that's for sure! I'm feeling bigger with this one. A little more achey and tired. Does my age have anything to do with it? :o) But, overall it's been wonderful. I LOVE being pregnant! I LOVE feeling my precious wiggly baby move around. God is so good!
Patrick posted a detailed update on our family blog about our plans for delivery. You can find it here. Please pray that Patrick will be there for the birth. I'm not worrying....well, trying not to. But, please pray for the Lord to have control of this!


  1. Stunning photos! Love them! Praying for you. I konw how much it means to have your husband with you during the birth.

  2. Me too. I will be praying that he will be there with you!

  3. Great Pictures and may have to do(the tired part)with the fact that you are a "little"older..Boy-can I relate to think..of all the already know to do..and not to do!!The wisdom of being an "older mom"(not that old..tell Patrick" and all the enjoyment that comes with this and Wisdom from the Lord that comes with this.So--enjoy every minute.Although I was not able to have any more after #6..I'm still going to be praying for #7 for you all..after guys are not even 37 YET!!...really lol!!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful pregnant Mommy!