Monday, January 2, 2012

Mom, can we make some cookies?

The other day I found a few bags of Chocolate Chips in the store.  I was excited!  I bought a few knowing they would never be wasted in our house!  Josh discovered them last night and asked sweetly, "Mom, Can I make some chocolate chip cookies?"  Oh wow!  Is there any other response to that question than yes?  Brenna quickly offered to help and we were soon smelling something delicious coming from the kitchen.  What I didn't expect was for them to look like this...

 Blue?  Are you serious?  Well, I do love their creativity and they tasted AMAZING!


  1. They look like cookies the Smurfs would enjoy!

  2. Ha! I just made a pink cake for my daughter's birthday and now my boys want to know if they are going to get their favorite colors for their birthdays too.... blue and green!