Saturday, January 28, 2012

Such Sweeties!

For Christmas my super sweet Mother-in-law gave Patrick and I some money to go out just the two of us to eat at a restaurant. Did you hear that? A real restaurant!!! Restaurants here are super expensive, so they definitely aren't in our monthly budget. My parents took us out while they were here. So, this was the second time for us to experience a Chic St. Barths restaurant. We looked and pondered trying to decide which one to go to. Then, we walked past Eddy's one day. It's in downtown Gustavia. The atmosphere looked wonderful, so we knew it was the place for us. The night finally arrived and Patrick and I enjoyed strolling on the docks downtown, window shopping, and then eating at Eddy's. The food was soooo amazing. And we sat outside in a garden like, candlelit atmospere. Talk about romantic! Then, we came home to this.... Our sweet older three are so good to us! They watched Silas and Callie while we went out. Then put them to bed. Then, Josh had an idea and he and the girls went with it! They put a cute sign on our bed that they all signed. They had candles all over our bedroom, and music playing. Then, they showed us the closet that usually holds shoes, my dresser of clothes and some of our hanging things. Josh had moved all that out and put the TV in there with the computer hooked up to it so we could watch a movie together. (We've found a site that has cute romantic comedies from the 30's and 40's, Perfect for date night!)

They had also made us some fruit tea in our "date night" cups.

How thoughtful my kiddos are! They knew Momma and Daddy needed some time alone. They sure are such sweeties!


  1. What a sweet date night! Your kids had a good idea. Nice ending to the evening for you!

  2. I love reading about your family!

  3. Sounds like you had a nice date night!Our kids seem to really like it when we go on a date night.We don't know what they do while we are

  4. Now I'm really lol because Lindsay just told me that while we were gone, she cleaned and I also noticed Laundry was done.It was nice because she can't do those things during the day because of working..just thought I'd share that.You have sweet kids and they still will be when they get older!!