Friday, January 27, 2012

2nd Finish for 2012!

I'm so excited to have a second quilt finished for this year! Yay! I've been so motivated (I know little Gimenez will be here soon and time for quilting will stop for a while) and I've gotten so much done lately! I made this quilt for Patrick's Grandma, Mama, for her birthday. Mom gave me the idea for the pattern because it comes together so quickly. She's made it a couple of times and they all turn out so beautiful! So, I tried it and I loved it!

Such sweet helpers to help me take a photo shoot of the quilt!

The name I chose for this quilt is quite simple. "Bonne Anniversaire Mama" Which means Happy Birthday in French!

I'm super duper excited about my next quilt! Brenna and I just finished designing it on graph paper and I have the stack of fabric next to my sewing machine just waiting to be cut!


  1. You're really getting things done there! This quilt is beautiful, and I'm sure Mama will cherish it. I love that pattern too. The middle part, with the bricks, is the very first pattern I used for a quilt, and I will probably make it again sometime. It IS easy, and it looks great. How did you quilt this one? Straight lines? Stippling?

    You'll have to take a picture of Mama with her new quilt!

  2. I Love It!!! You did a Great job and I know Mama will love it.
    Happy Quilting!!!