Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Night in the Life.....

I realized the other day that I might not be staying quite true to the title of my blog. How often do I show you a true day in my life? As with many families, and especially people in full-time ministry, you never know what a day will hold! Often my plans and endless lists are pushed aside for some "real life". Know what I mean? So, I thought I would post one of our evenings. Nothing too spectacular, so you've been forewarned! :o) This is a few nights ago around 7:45pm. Dinner and dishes are done. No specific plans for the evening.

This evening found Elisabeth working late at the table on Math. OOOOHHH, Math! She needed Daddy's help, so he was there with her. Then, Brenna couldn't quite understand how to complete her Art Test. She's learning shading and what light does to objects. She's doing very well but couldn't quite get the shading from the sun right. So, sweet Daddy jumped in and helped her as well.

My Josh just abouts always has school done by 2. He works very quick and his grades are good! Yay! I'm so proud of my 15 year old that absolutely loves his baby brother and sister. He says Callie is the prettiest girl on the island! (I'm hoping he'll think that for a few more years! :o) So, on this night there was lots of giggling and running while the three of them played Hide and Go Seek. Silas and Callie don't exactly "get" the game yet. Whether they are the hiders or the seekers they are always counting and hiding. They love it!

Well, for me? It was laundry time! Folding laundry isn't exactly my favorite chore to do. But, on this night I was very thankful to do it for a couple of reasons.

1. I finally had some dry laundry to fold! We haven't had lots of rain lately, but I can't seem to time hanging my laundry out at the right time. It usually gets wet.

2. With my Anne of Green Gables CD, my hubby's manly-yet-fatherly voice, and my sweet childrens laughter all in the background. It made for a wonderful memory of normal life.

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me!


  1. "Wonderful memories of normal life" are the best memories... those the kids will look back on and think of as the cozy days. And, those are my favorite days, too... the ones where you just get to stay home and enjoy being home doing the normal, everyday things!

  2. Great idea just posting a normal day in your life. That is what people like to see--real life. I may have to copy your idea sometime!