Friday, January 20, 2012

Back to our Family Fun Nights!

It's been easy for us to overlook our Family Fun Nights for the past couple of months. We enjoy them so much, but we've put it off too long. Time to get back into the swing of things! We love planning and preparing for them! We usually have them on Friday nights. It's a great way to end the schoolweek! We always have a special dessert that we usually vote on early in the week. We always have Coke. Then, we finish off the night with a special game, activity, or movie. And one more requirement....we always have fun! :o)

We started off with a game of Hide and Seek. Can you see Brenna and Callie?

Can you spot Elisabeth and Silas?

Patrick is a little competitive. I think that him and Josh were hiding the longest!

For our special dessert we tried a new recipe. It was a Hawaiin Pie that has Coconut and Chocolate. I won't give you the recipe. It tasted good, but the texture of the coconut layer was sort of, well, it was like snot!

Then, we finished our night with several rounds of Mexican Train. Patrick received this game for Christmas. It was hard to get into at first, but now I'm hooked! Should I say who won? Well, it was supposed to be me! I was whooping them all the whole game, but somehow Brenna snuck ahead at the very end.

I love our family fun nights and we're all looking forward to the next one (which is tonight. I'm a little behind on my posting!)


  1. Fun!!We need to try to get back at this although our kids are big and have crazy work schedules.Have a Great weekend!!

  2. nice post thanks for sharing....blessings...soraya