Saturday, February 18, 2012

It happened....

Something that we've been trying to prevent ever since we arrived here 10 months ago happened. We ran out of water. As you know, we live off of the rain water here. It collects in the gutters around our roof (the place where our doves love to hang out!) and goes into our cistern than runs under our house. We knew we were running low, and when the water pressure wasn't strong anymore, we knew it was time to buy a truck full of water. We called the water man and said he would bring us a truck full of water. Praise the Lord for same day delivery! He brought us 3 square meters of water which he put in our cistern using a long hose.

He was surprised we're not hooked up to the city water yet. The city now has a desalinization unit where it filters ocean water so it is suitable to use. We're hoping to have a meter installed out front soon where we can fill buckets with the water and replenish our cistern. It's not too cheap to buy city water, but it sure beats the 130 euros we paid! ($170)

After the man left Josh quickly checked to see how high our water is now. Well, the bad news is that it barely raised the water line. The great news is that the Lord gave us the oppurtunity to meet one more person from St. Barths! We gave him a gospel tract and invited him to our services Sunday. Please be praying for him!

So, what did we do after the water arrived? Tons and tons of laundry and nice showers for everyone! We've been trying to conserve in every way possible! Now, we're afraid to check our cistern to see where the level is at! Please pray with us, as we enter our dry season, for a good rain! (I would love some thunder to go along with it!) God is able!!!

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