Friday, February 17, 2012

My Heart of the Matter Reminder

I had a great time making this mini quilt/wall hanging for my sewing area. Mom bought me the Sanibel fabric by Heather Mulder Peterson and I LOVE IT! I have lots of little projects planned to do with this set so it will cover my living room! (I already made throw pillows for the couch) My main purpose in making this, though, was to be a reminder for me of my Heart of the Matter Bible Study. I want to see and be reminded of the word I choose each month to focus on.

So, if you look even closer you can see I've embroidered the word for January (dwell) and the word for February (seek) in its' own square. There are 16 squares total, so the 4 corner squares will be left blank. But, the other 12 will each have a word. I know it's not normal to embroider after you've finished the entire quilt, but that's how it will work for this project, since I'm praying about the word for each month!

I love the colors it adds to my living room and I love how it's a reminder for me!


  1. What a wonderful idea....I love that you will add a word each month!

  2. That's a great idea... and the embroidery after is just a new technique!! Enjoy

  3. Kami, I love it!!! Great reminder. Love the study you're doing and looking forward to the next one. hmmm, I wonder what the word will be.

    Love and miss you,
    Love, MOM

  4. I love it! And I love that fabric line, too. I made a few grocery bags from it and sold them in my Etsy shop. I love all of Heather Peterson's fabric lines. She has a blog, which I read, and she is expecting her first baby, after many years of trying.

    Ok, enough about the fabric! I love the idea to embroider each month's word on a square. It's a great way to remember your Bible study this year!

  5. Great project - love the word for each month!