Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday School/Nursery for Silas and Callie

Elisabeth and Brenna have really enjoyed being Sunday School teachers for Silas and Callie. They trade off each week and really plan a great lesson. Silas and Callie love it! Through the week they come up with a lesson (I let them choose what to teach them), visual aids, songs, and a craft or game. Brenna has been doing a series with them of the days of creation. She has some cute craft ideas! This week she used the little people animals to talk about the animals that were created. I think their favorite time is song time! Silas and Callie have great memories for songs and their motions.

So, each Sunday they sit with us for a few of the songs and announcements, then they head off to the nursery for a great Bible lesson and fun! I love the look on their faces as they go to the nursery, AKA their bedroom! :o) They love it!


  1. That's so sweet! And what wonderful practice for your girls! My daughters love to help teach Sunday School in our church and then at home, they LOVE to do their own classes with their little siblings. Last week, my hubby was going through some storage totes at church and he found some old RBP Sunday school lessons that someone had given us. They had craft ideas, flannel graph pieces, and stories. I had never used them much because it is easier for me to use material already made in Spanish, but when I saw those packets, I grabbed one to give to the girls. Yesterday, after lunch, I didn't see them until it was time to get ready for evening services. They were in their room teaching the little ones with the new material.
    Great for so many reasons...the little ones are learning more about the Lord, the older ones are learning too and developing teaching skills, they are developing more sweet relationships with their siblings, they are busily occupied doing something good, and it's so fun!

  2. Awww, look at the joy in all three of their faces. It's so precious to see family members sharing the Lord. It's definitely of benefit to both the little ones and the older ones. When my daughter was that age there weren't any other little ones in our church, so my younger sister-in-law taught my daughter during Sunday school hour. My sister-in-law went on to teach Sunday school and Children's church for over 20 years and my daughter has been a class assistant and then teacher for about 12 years in our Children's church. God is so good!

  3. My daughter is so looking forward to helping! I think it's so important to include them!

  4. Wonderful!!..Now I know why they are so good when they are in the nursery when you all are here!!