Thursday, February 9, 2012

Heart of the Matter-Seeking Christ Part 2

I’ve been praying and asking the Lord to show me how to seek Him in my everyday life. I want that blessing of a rejoicing heart! As I’ve prayed the Lord gave me a thought. Do remember when you first met your husband to be? I remember meeting Patrick and being fascinated with him. He was so fun and kind and caring. Each time I was with him I wanted to know more about him. I wanted to know his likes, his dislikes, what he enjoyed doing and what annoyed him. As we grew closer and closer, I wanted to be the one he enjoyed being with!

I realized this week that we are the bride of Christ and as we desire to seek Him more and more, we have the similar feelings as one seeking out their husband-to-be. We should want to know more about this kind and caring Saviour that loves us. As I thought on this, I realized how amazing Christ is. Just think of His names: Wonderful, Our Sure Foundation, The Great Shepherd... If you’re like me you tend to think of the names of Christ in the past. For instance, I remember when He was my Great Physician (when there was a time I was sick). I remember when He was my comforter (at a time I was battling difficulties). It’s so good for us to remember! But, what about today? He wants to be our God on a daily, regular basis!

So, here’s what I did. I’ll give you a couple of my examples, but it’s best to come up with your own. I wrote down the names of Christ found in the Bible. (I love our Power Bible CD program for our computer!) I picked out the ones I wanted to focus on. Then, I asked the Lord to show Himself real to me on a daily basis using these names.

Here are a couple of the names of Christ that I picked out:

He is “The Bread of Life.” (John 6:33, 35, and 48) I love to make bread! When I first got married I knew I wanted to be a baker of bread. Poor Patrick has endured many flat, non-risen, too sweet, too salty, too bland, just plain yucky loaves of bread! But, as I’ve practiced and read many cook books, I’ve learned to make a loaf that my family loves. They can smell it in the oven and are ready to butter it and dig in! It’s funny though, after all the work of bread making, we eat up the two loaves in just minutes. Then, the next day they want more! We’re never really satisfied with the bread from yesterday, we want it daily! Christ is the Bread of Life! He is a satisfying Bread and if we eat of this bread we will never hunger again! Wow! It is amazing to think that all of my needs and cares are satisfied daily when I partake of Christ, my Bread of Life!

He is ”The Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6) Turmoil…some days just feel like I never get started right and they just go in turmoil! Now, it’s nothing serious, but you know Mommy life! My potty training boy wakes up with an accident. So, your day is started with showering him, then a washing of his plastic sheet, and sheet set. Next it’s “hurry and get breakfast going so the older ones can start school”, but wait… we don’t have any milk? Okay, how can I make biscuits without milk…and flour? Sweet hubby runs to store for bread…not really how he wanted to start his day. Then, baby girl decides to try and make breakfast herself since she is starving and manages to pour the whole box of Apple Juice on your freshly mopped floors. You quickly wipe it up along with the chocolate milk that was spilled in the next room. As your husband walks in with the bread from the store (and sticks to the floor with each step because you missed a spot with the juice) he asks, “Why are you still in your jammies?” Ever have a morning like that? Some days can be a little rough from the get-go! But one the names that I need to remember is that Christ wants to be my Prince of Peace. Sweet peace, it’s what every Momma needs! Focusing on this name of Christ, taking a deep breath, and remembering everything He suffered for me, helps me to put my “turmoil” into perspective. Once I’ve put things into perspective, then I am able to laugh at everything that has happened in the first 10 minutes of my day. This can help me to have peace. Thank you Lord for wanting to give me that!

He is “The Bright and Morning Star” (Rev. 16:22) When I see the first light of day coming over the mountain and it gets brighter and brighter and brings with it the excitement of a new day, I can remember, He is The Bright and Morning Star! Each morning is fresh and new with no mistakes!

He is “My Counselor” (Isaiah 9:6) When I need help and direction, He wants to be the one to guide me! He has even told me to “cast my cares upon Him!”

He is “The Friend of Sinners” (Matt. 11:19) When I fail Him yet again, He continues to be my friend!

Remember the promise from the Lord that if we seek Him we will find Him. Go about your daily tasks looking and seeking for Christ. We will find that He is there with us the entire day!


  1. Another great post Kami!Thanks..and I really chuckled as I read the part about turmoil..with little children.I remember those days SO will be gone in a blink of the eye and will replaced with other college..or job decisions..or LOVE..oh never ends as a parent..we just move into different seasons I suppose..And it is a good thing..You will reap the Blessings..You and Patrick are doing a Great Job! You are a Blessing even from afar!!

  2. Once again, your posts speak to my heat! What a blessing! :o)

  3. Such a blessing, Kami. I loved the Prince of Peace one. I needed that and will be thinking on that throughout my day.

  4. I agree. The Prince of Peace really hit home for me too, with a just-turned toddler who is getting into everything faster than I can turn around and clean it up!

    Thank you for taking the names of Jesus and encouraging us to apply them to our every day lives... in the here and NOW.

  5. The Lord is using you to speak to my heart, Kami. Thank you for allowing Him to work through you. Hugs and prayers!!!