Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Praise and a Prayer Request

I have a praise to share with you! As of yesterday, all of my children are now dual citizens of the USA and France. (except for Miss Callie Grace, she is a tri-citizen) They all have their American and French passports and are ready! We've been working on this process for almost 6 years and we are so excited to see prayers answered!

On the other hand, I have a prayer request that I ask you to pray for. As you know, it's more difficult for me to obtain my citizenship. I was told it's better to go ahead and get the kids done, then work on me. So, in the meantime, I applied for a Long Term Visa that is good for one year. That was approved in Miami in November. One of the requirements with obtaining this Visa is to register here in St. Barths. We did that and now have my Carte de Sejour. We were called about two months ago and told to come in and discuss the next step. Next Step? We thought we were done with the Visa stuff! When we went in, we were told I would have a series of appointments in St. Martin (the island closest to us) They have my appt. scheduled and I'm obligated to be there. So, this afternoon Patrick and I will travel to St. Martin for my Medical Examination to be done tomorrow morning. I have all the paperwork that I could obtain that I'm supposed to turn in tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a quick, easy appointment. (The next appointments are psychological examination, a class on french culture, and a signing appointment)

Since my appointment is so early, Patrick and I fly out this afternoon. We really debated about whether to take the boat or the plane. The plane is a quick 15 minute trip, but expensive. The boat is about 45 minutes, but can be quite rough. Patrick and my midwife really felt the plane would be better this far along in my pregnancy. I'm actually glad they decided this because this morning we woke up to wind and rain and rough seas! So, it's off to the friendly skies this afternoon for me and Patrick!

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  1. Praying for you today. Paperwork can sure be a hassle. Ours is still in the works, and we are about to begin paperwork on Brina's birth certificate as well. Takes sooooo long!