Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Different Kind of Year

So far, this 2013 has not went as planned.  The first half has been a little overwhelming at times, but knowing my God loves me and I am in His hands is a truth that I treasure.  When my illness came back in February, and then a trip to Florida last month, we've been on "survival mode" around our home.  I am so ready to get back to normal, or at least a "new normal" for us.  This week was another one of those weeks that didn't quite go as planned.  I don't want to write out every bit of our latest, but here's a few tidbits:

~We realized the new meds weren't working.
~The doctor (my Rheumatologist) also realized my ESRs (the marker in the blood for inflammation) were higher than ever and prescribed some new meds along with some pain meds. She believes that while I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis, there is something else going on in my body causing my pain.
~I don't do well with new pain meds.
~I don't do well with new pain meds. + vitamins
~I don't do well with new pain meds + vitamins + Codeine.
~My doctor decided to send me to St. Martin for an MRI.
~Hearing many people talking about panicking in the tunnel made me afraid, too.
~Quoting verses and praying to your Savior truly does give you the Peace that passes Understanding (plus realizing a husband that wouldn't be all that thrilled if I went all the way to St. Martin for a test and had to come back because I pressed a panic button helped too) :o)
~I don't do well with pain meds, an empty stomach, and a rocking boat on the way back to St. Barths.  Let's just say my husband is the best to remind me to bring a plastic bag in my backpack.
~Sometimes a negative result is exactly what we want, but at the same time not knowing can be worse.
~I don't do well with Morphine.
~Migraine headaches aren't fun at all!
~Your children's voices get 20x louder when you have a headache!
~I have the most understanding husband in the world.
~Doctor #7 is also stumped.  She thinks I need to go to Martinique to see the "Special Diseases" doctors.
~Doctor in Florida recommends Mayo Clinic

Please pray for us as we seek the Lord's Will for the next step.  This morning my Red and White Blood Count was normal!  Praise the Lord!  My ESR is still elevated, but down from last week!
So for now, I'm going to sit tight.  Relax.  Take my Vitamins (I love you Dad)  Prepare for my parents to come and visit! (Yipee!)  And Be Still and know (without a doubt) that HE is God.


  1. Kami, I assure you that I pray for your ministry and also for your health every day! I know that our Savior will provide for you and take care of you. He has a plan for you and I know that His glory will shine through you.
    Our trip to Pennsylvania was uneventful. Today we had a high of 74 degrees and a thunderstorm. The town the I was born and raised in had hail and high winds. We were on the highway today and missed the storms. We drove into town (Huntingdon 22 miles away!) for Kandi's doctors appointment and to get Morgan's drivers permit. We got to Penn DOT too late so he has to wait until next Thursday. Life in small towns.

  2. Chronic illness can be so trying and overwhelming at times, especially when there are no easy answers. That is when we are so blessed when we believe in a good and merciful and powerful God who knows best for us. I will continue to pray for you (and your family). Hugs. xx

  3. I have only been reading your blog for a very short time so please forgive me if this is something you have already covered. I was wondering if they have checked you for celiac disease or other food allergies?

  4. So sorry to hear all of the things you are going through but at the same time I'm glad you are telling us about it because I am having health problems too and knowing that you are still keeping on helps to encourage me along the way. God Bless!

  5. Kami, you are having such a sweet attitude through all of these trials, and you are such an encouragement to me. I know that when I feel rotten it tends to show, but you are just amazing!

    Please know that there are people all over this world praying and caring for you.

  6. Love you so much Kami!!! Praying God brings complete healing, peace, & rest in Him!!! Big hugs!

  7. Btw, This is Terri, didn't know was logged in as Allen! LOL