Friday, May 31, 2013

A New Tablecloth for us!

I'm so excited to show you a finished project!  This one has been a little while in the making. Actually months in the making.  It was one of those projects that I had to rip a few seams.  I guess a few would be an understatement.  I was almost done with it when I left for Florida.  You could say it's been calling my name for me to come and finish it! :o)
 For Christmas I received one of Heather Mulder Peterson's pattern books.  I love it!  I picked a project that had a little more difficulty than I'm used to, so it made it very fun!  But, when I finished, the tablecloth did not lay flat.  Ugh.  So, I ripped out and replaced the fabric that seemed stretched. still didn't lay flat.  I finally had to ditch most of the pattern and just use the blocks with a simple border around it.  Not the finished project I envisioned.  But, I like it just the same!
Have I mentioned lately that I'm in love with Aqua?
 The table that is in our home (our house is furnished by our landlord) is quite small.  We had to improvise and put a large sheet of wood over it so we can all fit around the table.  Plywood is pretty splintery, so we always have a tablecloth on our table.
Sewing is so therapeutic!

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom quilts for Finish it up Friday....her post today makes me really want to make a Design Wall....


  1. This is really pretty. The binding just finishes it off! Very nice! I SO need to make one.

  2. You need patience to make a tablecloth like this. I think you did great. It is very pretty!