Saturday, May 25, 2013

You know you have Cabin Fever when...

I know I've bragged a few times before about how amazing my husband is.  He's taken over all of my duties while still trying to keep up with his own.  To prove my point, he's chopping green peppers for our lunch as we speak. Yes, I know...amazing!

This morning he decided to run to the store and pick up a few groceries for our Sunday Meal.  He took Silas, Callie, and Joshua with him to get them out for a while.  I kept Micah here since he would be going down for his nap.

As everyone was getting ready to go and putting on shoes, Micah went to the closet where we keep all the kiddos shoes.  He diligently searched through looking for his and finally found one.   He toddled over to Josh, one shoe in hand, and started saying "Nan Noo, Nan Noo"  (Thank you) hoping to put on his one shoe and go to the store.   Sweet know you have Cabin Fever when that happens!

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  1. Your husband is a gem. It's great to see you and he as a wonderful team through your illness. God bless him and give him strength as you recover. Hugs. xx