Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Influence of a Mom

I have been so blessed with many great woman in my life.  A Mother has much influence and Iam thankful to have some ladies in my life that have a role of "Mother"

My Grandma (AKA Grandma June)  
Grandma watched me some when I was little.  One of my earliest childhood memories is of Grandma making scrambled eggs with ham in it for me and Grandpa while we watched "The Price is Right"  I had them both to myself and loved being with them.  Growing up we knew the wisdom of Grandma and learned so much from her.  She loved her children, that's for sure!  She took care of my Dad with such motherly love, and he adored her in return.  When I arrive in heaven, after I see Jesus, I want to see my Grandma. 
 I miss her so much!

My Mother-in-Law (Denise)
I know the term mother-in-law can be jokingly used negatively.  Not so for me.  Denise is a lady that loves her son (my cute hubby) and raised him with love and care.  I owe much to her.  She has also become my friend.  I love to be with her!  We laugh, shop, share memories, tell Patrick jokes :o)  She's a wonderful Grandma that loves her grandchildren, but also respects me as their Mom.  That is a blessing to me.
I love you Denise!

My Mam-maw
It is so neat how the Lord always seems to work out me getting to see my Mam-maw.  I love it!  Every time we say good-bye, we don't know when the next time will be that we see each other.  But, the Lord always takes care of that! If you met my Mam-maw you would know she is beautiful inside and out. She's a put together lady that is dressed the best at church on Sunday Morning.  And what a faithful lady she is to her church!  When you are with Mam-maw you will make some memories!
She loves her family and loves to just be with us and talk.  Mam-maw treasures her family.  And we treasure her, too!
I love you Mam-maw!

(My aunt Robin)
I have so many memories of my aunt Robin.  Every summer we would visit Michigan to see our relatives there.  Robin would spoil us!  (That's how she earned the name "Momma Michigan")  She was the cool one that would let us have Swiss Cake Rolls and Pepsi for breakfast.  Or stay up late and watch movies.  She would always line us up on the couch while she went into her closet to bring us our gifts.  She would bring out outfit after outfit for us each to wear for the upcoming school year.  I'm talking lots of clothes!  And she has such great style, too!  I loved it!  Now, she spoils my children with clothes and games and lots of packages.  She's amazing and selflessly gives of herself.  If you go to her church you will here countless people brag on Robin.  I'm so blessed to have her for my "Momma Michigan"
I love you Robin!

And of Course....My Mom!
Where do I begin?  I was always always close to my Mom growing up.  Our relationship just grew and grew and she is a friend as well as my Mom.  We have so much in common. We're both #3 in the line up of siblings.  And if you didn't know it, #3's are pretty awesome! :o)  She's my quilting buddy and we call each other daily with quilting dreams and questions.  We're planning a quilting retreat for sometime in the future. It will be in a cabin, in the mountains, with a couple of sewing machines, mounds of fabric, and lots of Coke and Tea Parties!  My Mom is also an amazing Grandma.  Although she thinks her grandchildren do no wrong.  hhhmmm.  :o)  She would do anything for her family and does on a daily basis. Even though her children are all grown, Mom's job is as busy as ever taking care of her 4 girls and being there for every grandchild as much as possible.  Even though we live far from each other now, Mom is there for me 24 hours a day.  And I use my phone quite often to prove it! :o)
I love you Mom!

 Blessed indeed with these  wonderful ladies!

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  1. Kami, this is a wonderful post. Made me cry (happy tears) thinking of all the wonderful women in my life. I as so glad you are documenting everything and honoring these special women in your life. And thank you.
    Thank you for being so special to me.
    Love you, Love, MOM