Monday, May 27, 2013

The Plan

 When I mentioned taking my vitamins a couple of posts ago, I put "Love you Dad"  I did this because while I was in Florida, he was the one to run to the store to fill all of my prescriptions and buy me my vitamins.  And would even come back with some real chocolate milk for Micah!  And being the good Mom that I am, I would have to sample some (maybe a bunch) of it first! :o)

Last week all the medicine I was taking made me queasy.  So, taking my vitamins wasn't an option.  But, now that I'm not taking anymore pain killers, I'm back to my vitamins.  Oooh, I start to gag just thinking about them!

I'm starting to do I describe it?...different.  I have more energy!  Praise the Lord for that!  I have the sewing bug and it's been nice to sit and sew a little in the evenings.  I'm trying not to nap as much if I don't need it, but the times of rest when the 3 little ones go down has been marvelous.  My pressure?  Well, it's not as strong.  So that's good, but the pressure has been replaced with a pain.  I told Patrick that it feels like I have an open wound deep inside.  The pain isn't by any means excrutiating.  Just there, bothersome, uncomfortable and sometimes it just hurts.  But, being able to have an un-foggy brain helps me to deal with it. (Ice packs are nice too!)  So, what's the plan? We're taking it one day at a time, praying for wisdom, and I'm taking my vitamins!

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  1. Nice to see you and your papa together. It was a sweet act of care and devotion for him to get your vitamins. It is always hard to take so many, isn't it? Especially the great big ones.

    So glad to hear you have more energy though and that you aren't in the fog. I pray the pain will go away too. Blessings. xx