Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Puppies for Christmas?

 When we came back from our trip down south, we saw that Peaches had a friend. Joshua and Tabitha told us that they've been quite friendly with each other in the past couple days.
 We have never seen this dog so we wanted to be very cautious especially around our children. He seemed a little bit leery of us but actually liked the kids and wanted them to pet him. He was quite gentle and had such a beautiful coat!
He hung around our property for about 2 days and started to get attached to him . We named him Cobbler (peach cobbler :-) )

But by the third morning he was gone and we haven't seen him since. Peaches on the other hand has slept just about nonstop. Could she be expecting? It looks like we might be having puppies for Christmas!


  1. What sweet dogs. It does sound like Peaches might be having puppies. I hope all goes well for her

  2. How fun!! What a great Christmas present!

  3. That is going to be fun for your kids!