Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Under the grandparents table

 I'm not sure when it started, it was probably about 20 years ago. But my parents have always let their grandkids write underneath their kitchen table.
 I'm not sure how it started. It was probably when someone found a really neat place to hide or maybe it was a time when my mom made a tent using the kitchen table, but the grandkids have enjoyed over the years signing their name and putting messages under the table.
 This visit back to my parents house was no different. Silas, Callie, and Micah wanted to make their bed under the table for the night and of course wanted to sign their name again.
 I climbed under and decided to read the names. I found all of my children along with all of their cousins. There were smiley faces and pictures and well wishes and happy memories.
 I don't know if my mom could ever get another table now! :-) I love the wonderful examples I have in my life on how to be a good Lolli to my Liberty Anne!