Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Coming out of a pandemic

I read a quote the other day, 
"In our effort to not die, we are choosing to not live."  
Facing a pandemic, and then coming out of it, is uncharted territory for all of us.  There were many decisions to be made on what social distancing and quarantine would look like for our family, our church and our community.  

The days were different, but in a busy sort of way for our family.  For the first month my Patrick wanted to me try and stay home and not come in contact with people for the sake of my health.  I did my best.  My girls or my husband did our grocery shopping and errands.  They are amazing.  But, after 5-6 weeks, we were ready to ease back into life.

Our church is in Alachua county.  Our nearest grocery store is also in Alachua county.  The county has a face mask ordinance where face masks must be worn in public.  So we comply.  Quite cutely, I might add! ;o)

It has been nice meeting in person at church again...with many new precautions.  It's been nice to get out and go to the store and see people.  Are there risks?  Sure.  But, for our family, we have chosen to get to a new normal in our life.  We realize that things will never be the same for our family like they were in February.  We are embarking on a new normal.  And that's okay.   We are ready and looking forward to the days ahead!

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