Sunday, May 17, 2020

Look what we woke up to ..

3 goat babies!!!

 Early this morning I heard a strange sound. I asked Patrick, "Is that Ferdinand?" ( I will have to post on him soon!)

When I went outside to check, it was actually 3 tiny babies that had just been born that I was hearing. Trixie finally had her babies!

This cutie pie is a buckling. We love his coloring!!

 This is a doeling
. She looks a lot like Trixie!

 And the third is a doeling as well. So adorable!!

We've fallen in love already!
We don't have any names yet, but are still wanting to use the names of classic storybook characters.
Even more good news is that Jenna is definitely expecting babies as well!! Hopefully she will deliver soon!
So much fun on our little farm!

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