Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Lessons from the grandbabies

So thankful for these cheery faces!  No matter what is going on outside of these walls, a visit from these 2 brightens every day.  Every single time!

There is just something about hearing your granddaughter excitedly say they want to go to Lollipops house!  Just melts our hearts!

These smiles are a reminder to me to trust in our heavenly Father.  Don't look at the storm.  Look at those in the room with you.  Don't focus on the difficulties, focus on the lives and blessings that God has given.  When they look right into your eyes with a genuine, trusting smile, it encourages me to be just like them. 


  1. So adorable. Little ones truly are a bright spot in one's life.

  2. So so sweet! Does Freedom have red hair? Adorable!