Saturday, May 23, 2020

How's School?

Lot's of happenings on the school front in the Gimenez Household!  I thought I would start with the most exciting!!!...

My Beth has earned her Associates in Church Business!  yay!!  She is so excited!  She is our church secretary and was so thankful to receive an education that would help her in that.  She does an excellent job!

Now that she doesn't have extra classes we asked what she is going to do with time she would normally be working on school?  She said she wants to write more.  She has several books rolling around in that pretty head of hers and has many notebooks of her writing.  She's looking forward to a little extra time to just breathe.  So proud of our girl!  Graduation party is on the way!!

 ...Our Brenna on the other hand is still in midst of plenty of classes. She is now a senior in college!!  She took part-time studies her sophomore year and is now feeling the pinch of it.  She wants to graduate with the rest of her classmates she met her freshman year, so she is trying her hardest to catch up.  That means summer classes.  And summer classes slightly overlapped with final exams from the spring semester.  To say her brain is slightly fried is an understatement.  She's being diligent though and working hard.

 We are thankful for an online college that offers a great education and let's her stay home and be a hard worker at our church.  It's an all around win for all of us!
So hopefully by this time next year she will have her Bachelors in Elementary Education!

Silas, Callie and Micah, on the other hand, are still working hard to finish school for the year.  We have about 20 lessons left so we should finish mid June.  They are doing great!!  They've introduced some geometry into 5th grade math.  Silas is doing good, but needing a little extra help from Dad.

 It's been a good school year, but this Momma is ready for summer!!


  1. I love how your girls are working so hard to reach their goals and dreams and still find time for service unto God and community. As for the younger ones, I'm sure they are looking forward to school break just like mom :-)

  2. Congratulations to Elisabeth! Brenna, you'll make it! I remember those days. I'm praying for you. As for homeschooling, we are about the same as you all. We have 15 lessons left, 3 weeks which means mid June for us as well. We are so ready for summer break.