Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Easter from Mom and Dad

My parents have always been so sweet to send my kiddos something special for Easter.  My Mom usually calls Beth and tells her the plan.  There's usually plastic eggs with lots of goodies inside.  Beth hides them, we find them, and we all have treasures.

Well, this year had to be a little different.  But, my parents made it so special anyways!  They decided this year they would send a check for us to all get takeout together.  After talking it over, we decided instead of takeout we should do a crawfish boil!  How fun!  Although my Bethy got herself a steak since she isn't really a crawfish fan.

It was so yummy!!

Even Liberty loved the crawfish!

Thanks Mom and Dad!  That was fun!!


  1. What sweet parents you have. It's fun seeing the little ones chomp on crawfish. I've never tasted them myself. Do they taste like lobster? Like prawns? Like something else? I can understand Beth because for most of my life I never cared much for fish or seafood. I've only really started enjoying them in the last couple of years.

    1. I guess you could say it's a cross between a lobster and a shrimp? We love them! They are a lot of work for a little bit of meat though. It's a nice meal to just slow down and eat because it takes a while. :o)

  2. Oh, wow! Those pictures are torture for a Louisiana missionary family in Kenya! Ha ha The whole meal looks so good. We were able to find tiny crawfish here for a couple of years. Then they stopped selling them. I guess not enough of a market for them here. So I use shrimp to make things like crawfish etouffee every now and then. ;)