Thursday, July 16, 2020

Kayaking for the first time

Not too long ago someone from our church gave us their 2 kayaks.  I have never been kayaking before,  just canoeing.  I was so excited because Brenna and I have wanted to be able to go kayaking for a long time!

The morning of her birthday we thought would be a great time to go!

We had so much fun!!  It was sunny and hot.  The water was flowing nicely on the Santa Fe, and we were enjoying floating, paddling, talking and laughing.

...that was the first five minutes!  From there on it rained and rained and rained.  We laughed so hard because that is just like us.  We plan an outing, but end up with an adventure instead.

 We paddled for an hour and a half in the rain until Patrick met us at our predetermined spot.  It really was fun and we are already planning our next outing already....or should I say adventure?


  1. What a wonderful gift and fun adventure. I'd just recommend you get some life jackets before you go out on the water again dear Kami ;-)