Wednesday, July 29, 2020

When Momma and Daddy are away

I have to say, I am loving having Joshua and Tabitha living so close!  It is my dream come true and I am just going to enjoy every moment.
This year, my hubby and Joshua decided that instead of teen camp, they would take our teens on a getaway.  They went white water rafting, played tons of games, listened to some great messages and just had a great time!
My part in the activity was to watch Liberty and Freedom for the 3 days they were gone.  So fun!!

I love caring for these little girls that call me Lolli.  It really does melt my heart!  Freedom is so sweet and cuddly.  Although now that she is walking she can be quite busy.  I am thankful that she still lets me snuggle with her and gives me sweet hugs.  She is an amazing sleeper!  When it's time for her nap, she is ready!  Such a sweet baby!

I told Liberty that we would bake cookies.  This girl has an amazing memory!! She made sure that I didn't forget!

We made snickerdoodles together.  I think these are one of my favorite kinds of cookies!

She had fun helping me roll them into balls then put them into powdered sugar.  Then, while I wasn't looking, she decided to smash them all like pancakes.  Oh well! They were still yummy!

And when you have cookies, you have to have a tea party!  I told Liberty that we are going to have hot tea.  She says "hot tea" so cute.  How adorable she is!

Silas, Callie and Micah love it when the girls come over.  They all play so well!  So thankful and blessed!


  1. It's great to see your younger children playing with the grand babies. They are sure sweet and I know you had a lot of fun looking after them.

  2. So cute! I know you had fun with them. Is Freedom's hair darker than Liberty's?

    1. It seems to be the color Liberty's was at this age. :o)