Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Talking yourself into being positive

My girls and I have been enjoying doing a Bible Study together this summer.  Today the book taught on being a true light to the world.  We talked about how our light for Christ won't really shine if we are negative and complaining.  I told the girls that Christians that are looked up to are positive and find the "diamonds in the dust."  But, I also told them that people like that don't always necessarily feel that way.  Sometimes they voice their thankfulness and positive outlook whether they feel it or not.  Sometimes we just have to talk ourselves into it. 

Callie said that it was kind of like Liberty in the pool.  She really didn't want to get in.  She doesn't even like bathtime, so pooltime isn't her favorite.  But, it's important that she get over her fear of water and learn to swim.  When Joshua and Tabitha took the teens on a trip and we kept the girls, I told Liberty that we get to swim in the pool.  Yay!  I showed her my excitement and she tried to be excited, too.  When it was time to get in the pool I kept telling her how much fun we were going to have.  She had a very fake smile on her cute little face, and when I held out my hands for her to get in, she let me hold her.  As we were calmly walking around the pool, she said several times in the most non-excited voice, "Is fun.  Is fun."  She was definitely trying to talk herself into it!

That can be just the way we are.  Sometimes circumstances are tough.  You may have a day where things just don't flow the way they are supposed to.  It is those times that we shouldn't voice our complaints.  For the benefit of those around us and ourselves, we have to have a positive outlook.    It's amazing that when I focus on the blessing of a situation, whether I feel it or not, I start to believe it.  Try it!  It really works!

After a few minutes of "Is fun. Is fun."  Liberty did have fun.  She giggled and laughed, and talked herself into enjoying the blessings of being in a pool on a hot day with her family.  So, go ahead, the next time difficulties come, talk yourself into being happy and enjoying the blessings that God has for you!


  1. That is a really good post, Kami. I am going to remember that.

  2. So true, so true. "Is fun. Is fun" is what a lot of us have to say until it really is fun. Amen. I give thanks every day for this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it. :-)