Friday, July 31, 2020

Praying for God to give friends.

My children grew up a little different than most kids.  Especially my older three.  When Josh was 9, Beth 8, and Brenna 6, we left for deputation to raise support to go to the mission field.  We traveled from church to church around our wonderful country.  We made so many memories together as a family.  Then, we went to language school.  We tried to learn french, and during that time of culture shock, we clung to one another as a family.  We needed each other, that's for sure!  Then, we left for the mission field.  We worked hard at starting a church there, but the ones who came to church didn't have children.  Not once did a child come to our services which was heartbreaking for all of us.

 Needless to say, our kids didn't have a whole lot of friends close by them.  Now, they did have lots of friends that they wrote to and had great penpals, but for the most part, we were each others best friends.  I think that's why we have such an amazing bond today.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago.  Brenna had graduated from High School and was starting online Bible College.  She knew the Lord was leading her to stay here and work in the ministry of VSIBC.  But, she still had a desire to have friends from Bible College.  She began to pray.  She asked God to give her friends that believed like she did and that she would have much in common with.  God quickly answered her prayers, and she has developed a circle of friends that she talks with daily through messages and videos.  She is so thankful for them!

 One of them she was finally able to meet last year when we went to the Ladies Conference that her church was hosting. (Peoples Baptist Church in McDonough, Georgia)  Brenna had so much fun meeting Morgan and their friendship blossomed even more.

This summer Brenna decided to have Morgan come for a visit.  It was so much fun for all of us!  We laughed, talked, shopped, went tubing, enjoyed church together, was great for all of us, but especially Brenna who knew that God was answering her prayer.  Morgan is a God-given friend.

Let me give a little warning from one Momma to the next....My kiddos didn't always have close friends.  And that's okay.  There were times when they prayed for friends and God didn't always answer yes.  It was a wait answer.  I know that sometimes friends and their influences are not what God wants for our children.  For them to be friendly?  Yes.  But, God doesn't always provide those super close, confidant type friends for our children.  That's the times when, even though we are the parents, we need to be the ones that are close to our children.  Play with them.  Enjoy their company.  Make memories with them.  Not only that, teach them how to be a friend of the Lord.  Teach them to spend time with Him, to share their heart with Him, and to enjoy the things that He enjoys.  And when God does provide that special friend, they will be cherished.

So, it was a great week with Morgan.  We miss her already bunches and bunches and can't wait until she can come back again soon!

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