Tuesday, July 7, 2020

We did it! Time for milk!

It finally happened!  After having goats for many years, and hoping to be able to milk them, we finally have babies, and were finally able to milk our Momma goat.  It's definitely been a learning process for us with some interesting memories along the way.  But, we're starting to get it down and figuring this out.

This may sound crazy, but....we haven't exactly drank the milk.  I think it's just the thought.  We city folks really are trying, but it's going to take some work!  So, instead, we've made ice cream (so yum!!), cajeta (an amazing mexican caramel!), mozzarella (that did not work at all!), and fudge (didn't set properly, so we'll be trying again.)

It's been fun.  And productive.  I like that my kiddos are learning something new while having work they need to accomplish.  I love to see Silas show Patrick how much milk we get each day.  He's so proud!

Our next stop is making soap.  I think.

Meanwhile, the babies are growing.  Trixie's babies are on hay and grain now and slowly being weaned.  It's almost time to sell Finn and decide about our other doelings. 

They are so friendly and love attention.  I love to just watch them jump around and play!

Jenna's babies are really growing, too and are almost the size of Trixie's babies!  We decided to name them Jekyll, Hyde and Kanga.  Kanga is the female with the spots on her side.  So cute!

So that's the happenings around our little farm.  It sure is fun!

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  1. They're so adorable!! Thanks for sharing!!!